2006 yz450 lighting stator

I emailed electrex about eta of a 2006 yz450f lighting stator and they said:

For this bike, we offer the ESL385 50W stator. I have them in stock, and if you would like to place an order you can do so online at www.electrosport.com. Thanks.

I thought it kind of strange since the ESL385 is listed under the 96-98 yz250.

Anyone tried it yet?

Your bike takes a ESL-380 not the 385.

I have had one on my YZ400 and it worked fine. 50 watts isn't much power for lighting. I ended up selling mine and installed a WR stator (130 watts). You cant do that though. Wont work for the 450's.

I see that they have the stator with the backing plate now. That is nice. I had to cut the windings off my backer plate and solder the new one in its place. That was a little scarry.

I clicked on the 50W ESL385 blue link to bring up more info and it says 40W stator. I'll call them tomorrow to clarify the wattage and part number.

I'm starting to think they get their employees from the local psych ward. I called and asked about the lighting stator and the guy says we don't have those yet but we are scheduled to get them in about 2 weeks. I then told him about the email and he said Oh, the guys that answer those are the tech guys and they usually know what they are talking about but those are a new item, and we don't have those either, we are supposed to get them in about a month. I'm thinking, ya but they are on the website now, &%$#@!?

Right hand, meet left hand.

might want to contact e-line but they're $$$

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