Just a few questions...

What does the airbox snorkl look like??? when i take the seat off i can see the air filter it looks the same as my old 2 stroke... does this mean it has been done???

Also i have a full pro-circuit exhust and it runs great. wondering can u cut the grey wire without having to do anything else to the bike???

can i f#@k anything up by doing this as i like how it is running

Help appreciated :thumbsup:

The snorkel on my 03 450 was behind the battery. It is black plastic that sits vertically in the rear of the box inside the rear part of the box. When you look at it from the top, it divides the rear part of the box left and right. I chipped, beat on, etc the thing to pull it out.

By doing the snorkel and the grey wire, you may have to re-jet and/or adjust the fuel screw in the carb to richen it up. BUt, well worth it! Have you done the throttle stop screw too? If not, you really should.

If you have a 400 or 426 and you can see the airfilter just by taking the seat off, then yes, the previous owner has removed the snorkel for you. In the earlier models it was just a cover over the top of the air box with a screw in each corner holding it in.

If you like the way the bike is running, I'd leave it alone. (If it ain't broke don't fix it). But you will not hurt anything by cutting the grey wire and it's not likely that you will have to re-jet.

The throttle stop mod and Grey wire are essentially two steps in a single modification. Cutting/unplugging the grey wire allows the CDI to compensate for the increased amount of fuel that is now being introduced due to the shorter stop, allowing for full rotation of the throttle and full use of the main jet. Doing one without the other is somewhat pointless :thumbsup: ...SC

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