Starter issue??

I have an '05 with probably 25 hour on it. Recently after washing it from a muddy day of riding and starting to start it I had some issues. I hit the magic button and it started fine. Then I killed it and when hitting it again-nothing. A click, click. In my eyes, dead battery. Pulled off seat, hooked up the multi meter, 12.34v-which should be more than enough to turn the motor. Looking at the manual, its telling me to pull out the starter, pull the starter apart and clean it with some fine sand paper, etc. Has anyone else had this issue yet? I tried searching but didnt find anything. Anything is appreciated.



Did you use a pressure washer?...SC

checking a battery with a volt meter is not a good way to determine if its good. It can show a good voltage but when you need to draw power (V*I) there isnt anything there.

I would load test the battery, or jump the battery to test your starting system to begin with. Once you know its not the battery, then dig in and check the starter.

But alot of times just knowing how good your battery is before hand will let you know if its the battery is good by how it was previously behaving.

good luck

Ahhhhhhhhhh............. the WR starting system. If there was one thing I could bitch about on these bikes, it would definitely be the starting system. It's almost as if everyone on one of the two assembly lines at the starter factory goes out and smokes their lunch :thumbsup:

It seems that 50% of us have starter issues while the other 50% claim no problems at all. It is a well known fact that these starters are undersized or under geared and the slightest mis-alignment or drag caused by dirt or corrosion will cause them to draw to much amperage :thumbsup:

I have never had any problems however, if it seems low on juice, kick the sucker and go ride to charge that sucker back up. :thumbsup:

funny part is, I had just finished riding it. washed it, started it, died, would not restart. Im going home to work on it tonight. damn thing

Not to worry. Ocassionally the motor will stop in a position where the auto-decomp is not engaged. Just put the bike in gear and rock it back and forth a little to move the cam slighty. It will start right up. I think I've used my kickstarter once I got the bike.

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