Devol radiator guards

Lizard and mtrdrms, looking forward to seeing some pics. I think I too will wait for the WC guards.

THose of you posting with your pre06 bikes have a totally different product. The original post was about the installation on an 06 bike. New frame in case you did not notice that.

Personally I dont see what any radiator brace is going to do for the 06s. Maybe give them some side support, but if you look at how far out the tank actually goes width wise behind the radiators, it will take big hit to do damage to the radiators. The tank would keep the weight on it if you were to lay the bike down.

If someone is going to make a good set, they are probably going to have to tie them into the top motor mounts on the frame.

Thats exactly what WC is doing!

ive got werx connection ones on my 426, all they seem to do is make it harder to line all the tank and rad scoop bolts up after you taken the fuel tank off, im thinking of puttin them on ebay or trying to swap them for a set of ally frame guards!!!

sounds familiar. hang in there. you can get the radiator rewelded for about 40$ as you may know. Ya, a guy told me to rush out and get the Devolm Rad Guaurs as well for my 06 450f. Are you using the Scotts Aluminum Oil Gilter?

Last night I installed a set on my 06 and let me start by saying they seem to be very durable and the installation was a breeze. I understand what people are saying about not enough support around the back to protect from the radiator getting pushed in like a radiator brace would do but I dont see that happending anyway becuase it is bolted to the shroud.

I think these guards were desinged to protect form a side impact and also to keep sticks and debris from puncturing the radiator from the front. I will go on record saying that these guards will perform these functions very well.

The fit was ok. The guards themselves fit nicely around the radiators and are braced well so they dont fold in on themselves. The only problem comes from the lower bolt on the shroud that originally bolted into the louver but now bolts into a supplied bracket. In order to reach this bracket with the lower shroud bolt I had to bend the bottom of the shroud about 1 inch (or trim the inside or the shroud which I chose not to do). I dont know how this could have been avoided becuase the original fit between the rad and the shroud was so tight.

So now the outer edge of the shroud bows from top to bottom a total of about 1 inch from stock at its widest point. The difference is almost unnoticeable by eye but I took lots of pictures before and after and during so stay tuned. I will post them up monday (I am going to the trade show in Indianapolis this weekend!!!

I have not seen any other iterations or guards for the 06 yet and I dont know how the manufacturers will tie these things into the frame without a big goofy brace unless they use one like roosterperformance does that goes along the front of the frame.


Here are some pics of the installation. I hope these are helpful;

Getting them fitted up was a breeze. Just make sure the little bracket is adjusted as high as possible so its easy to fit the shroud at the end.

These pics show how much the shroud had to be pushed (this was not hard or destructive as I threaded the bolt on the first try) in to the guard to get it to fit. I just pushed it in but I bet with a little trim you wouldnt need to push it at all and it would fit as if there was no guard there.

Right side installed, left side not

Here are a few of the finished installation. As I said earlier, these guards fit very well and are just as strong as any guards I have ever used. And, contrary to popular belief, when they are installed they dont obstruct the riding position. Granted I dont have more than 10 hours on the bike but I couldnt tell the difference.


Thanks for the pics, mtdrms. Now this clears away the disinformation they don't fit well on the bike.

what devol getting for thoes gaurds?

also does any one know the decimal thicknes of the metal being used?

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