TT dream bike

attention all yz wr owners

unless we collectively do something in this voting, tt is going to be represented by a glorified farm bike in the shape of a DRZ......

they want different, yet something that is a true representation of this site.

I think a 2 trac motard might be worth a thought ( i know 2wd may not be truly representative of most of us) but it would be interesting.

any reason this isnt a worthwhile option?

it at least should be blue, as this is what started the 4 stroke revolution.

anyway, vote on this or we will end up with some person rounding up cows and sheep on their yellow bike in the test.

go here

if you didnt already know where to go.

I think Bryan B. has good enough taste that he wouldn't let a DRZ represent TT. Better vote just in case I'm wrong.

I would love to see a build up / test of a 2 trac WR but think its pretty far fetched

I think Bryan B. has good enough taste that he wouldn't let a DRZ represent TT. Better vote just in case I'm wrong.

While I did vote for a WR450F, we're building what the community wants and votes for. While I own TT, the community isn't built upon my personal taste or opinions, but the collective thoughts of everyone. So, do your part, vote and get behind whatever bike the community chooses. That's the right thing to do. :thumbsup:

Regardless of the bike built, I can assure you that it will be anything but tasteless. Just a few of the hands touching the bike will be Burned, Ron Hamp and John Curea. I don't hold a candle to any of these guys when it comes to technical know how, as they are some of the best mechanics on the planet. So, have faith. :thumbsup:

well, if you own the site, if you have to, make an executive decision and do what is right and use a WR or YZ. (prefferably the WR as it has proven its versatility to arguably the widest market in the world)

this is similar to phone polls on TV as the results are always based on the opinions of those who vote on TV phone polls. i dont, and many people who i consider as well adjusted yamaha owners wouldnt either, they have better things to do, like riding their bikes.

but for the sake of 'appropriate representation' THE four stroke site should be lead by THE four stroke (thats what it was called in 98)

so come on wr/yz forum dwellers, make things right.

and thanks for sharing your vote with us, owner.

either that or a nitrous injected, methanol snorting supercharged ram air fed ttr 125, it's different.

btw how many times can we vote?

vote early, vote often............

I cast my vote for The True Blue. I am in agreement, The DRZ is kicking our trash in the polls and something needs to be done about it ASAP. Come on guys, I know we would all love to see The original thumpa be put on top and represented by the Truest and Best four stroke authority in the internet world.

YZ450F tailored for off road. Rekluse, bigger tank, lighting coil, etc.

If you combine the wr and yz totals then we are not to far behind, as I see the 2 bikes so physically the same other than the new aluminum frame yz. But yes dynamically they are different. Go blue

It will be a sad day if a play bike wins.

The WR is what started this site.

Combined the YZ450 and WR450 votes are close to the DRZ votes. If the Yamaha 450 wins with both YZ and WR categories combined we can technically say the 450 won. Am I reaching?

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