should I keep my 650L?

Keepth thine bike for all time for there will never again be a bike as thou have now. Really! though, it is a great bike IF used for it's intended purpose. MILD trail riding, loggin road etc. My lil XR250R will kick my 650L's butt off raod - just due to nimbleness and useable power. Having an XR650L is like owning an old Willy's Jeep, dated in design etc, but a blast off road and it goes on the highway too! I don't think there is a better all aruond bike thgan the 650L.

It does kind of remind me of my old willys jeep.

DOT tires are for pavement and flat fire roads. If you want a desert/offroad bike get some non DOT tires. :thumbsup:

Don't say that near my teraflex, its a mean tire.

It'll pick you up by the ears and B-slap ya! :thumbsup:


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