Part # for pilot jet?

I was told the 68S pilot jet for the 650R needs to be ordered directly from Honda or at least off of a Honda fiche.

The three shops I've talked to are clueless and feel the 's' makes no difference. It does. But, if I can give them a p/n they MAY be able to help.

I guess being the first person in the north Phoenix area to uncork an XR carries its own burden.

A p/n for this part from someone would make my day.

Thanks, Mark

I believe the part number is 99105-MBN-0680. Change the 68 in that part number to 62, 65, 68, or 70 to get other "S" jets.

I've found the standard Keihin 68 works well. I'm skeptical about the "S" jets. I've not been able to find anything conclusive that shows the "S" jets are in any way superior. :thumbsup:

For future reference, Custom Cycle ATV in Mesa will exchange factory Kiehin jets. Gary Cluff is the owner and he's a good guy--very knowlegable. He races XR650Rs in the Baja 1000/500 and the like (fifth in last years 500).

Thanks Hawk.

The pilot that came out is a 65s. I'll just run that and expect it to be a bit lean down low and keep an eye on the plug until I get a chance to go to Mesa.

Now, if I can get the hole saw (blu-mol bi-metal) to actually cut I'll be riding this afternoon.

Thanks to you and everyone else for the help.

Cheers, Mark

Once your uncorked (manifold, exhaust tip, airbox inserts removed) you'll definitely need a 68. I bought my bike used and it was uncorked but the main was the only jetting change. I had a real bad decel pop, rough idleing, and hard starting with the stock 65s pilot. A 68 was needed.


I can get a 70s.

That'll probalby be better than the 65s, eh?

Hmm. Not sure. Might be too rich--especially if the manifold is your only mod. Fuel screw adjustment might compensate, but I couldn't compensate enough to get a 65s to work. Fuel screw is really for fine tuning the correct jet, not making up for having the wrong jet.

Also, it's getting warmer so too rich now could be way too rich in a couple months. And, most of the places I ride (off-road) tend to be a thousand feet or more (or much more-->Four Peaks) higher than my house. That will cause you to be richer still.

I'd just start with a 68 and go from there. Gary at CustomCycle has whatever jets you need. It's on Country Club just south of the 202. Call around though. There is prolly some independent shop nearer to you that carries a full range of jets. Forget the dealerships for that kind of thing. Look for a shop that does repairs and performance tuning. If they have a dyno then they're almost sure to have jets.

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