Rear Wheel Question

Im a newb here, the name is Rick. You all provide some damn good info. :thumbsup: You all rock. Now to the question, Does a rear wheel assembly from a 2004 YZF250 fit a 2000 WR400? :thumbsup: Tire size 110/90-19.


Welcome to TT. Careful, its addicting. But I dont have any personal experience, but ill give you my opinion, and results of research i have done. I too am wantng to put a 19 inch rear wheel on my WR, and I havent heard anything to convince me that it wouldnt work. and im almost positive that the wheelset on a YZ/WR are compatible. But, im not sure of your year. Give the thread a few more hours and im sure one of the more knowledgeable guys will give some better info.

YZ Rear wheel will work, front wheel will not without added parts...SC

I had a 19 inch on my 01.I only noticed a differance at high speeds.I seemed to have more headshake at wide open speeds across the desert.I sold the old bike and bought a new 450,kept the 19 inch wheel and was hoping to mount a paddle up for Sand Mountain.

I took the 19 off my new YZ and put it on my WR to sell. I wanted the 18 from my WR. Why do you want a 19 on your WR?

Thanks for all the help. :thumbsup: I was just looking into picking up an extra wheel for a paddle tire. So i wouldnt have to take it in everytime i wanted to switch it out.

OH, good idea. I would love to ride some dunes sometime. It looks like sooooo much fun. :thumbsup:

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