Odometer gear unit

Anyone who have a gear unit at the front wheel for the odometer to my -99 WR 44 for sale.

In fact I only need the plastic gear, but it´s not possible to order only that. I have to buy the whole unit

Johan from Sweden

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I just bought a panoram computer so I don't use the cable odo anymore. I've not looked inside the hub, but I certainly don't need any of the stuff in there anymore. (ok, I need some of it :)) Anyway, is this soemthing I can take out w/o effecting the rest of the hub?


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You want to replace the odo parts in the wheel with a spacer and seal for a YZ. They fit and work fine even though the WR hub has lugs for the odo and the YZ hub does not.


The parts you need are:

# 4 - OIL SEAL Part Number 93102-26468-00

# 13 - COLLAR, WHEEL Part Number 5BE-25186-00-00

(Part numbers are for a 2000 YZ426)

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Yes it´s possible to remove the plastic gear. Just remove the seal in the gear unit and then you remove the gear, Check if the gear is worn around the middle. my is so worn that there is a "waist" aroud it.


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