06 450 bar risers

Does any body know who has the 1 inch or so bar risers available for the stock top clamp (1 1/8").



Try http://www.barrisersonline.com/ . I emailed with him a few weeks ago and he was working on a 1 1/8" universal riser. Said it would be ready to go in a few weeks. I didn't have the patience so I went out and bought a set of ProTaper bars with a higher bend.

How do I know if the stock Pro Taper bar that came on my 450 06 are what is called the YZ high or low bend ?

I emailed ProTaper a while back and this is what I got back from one of thier customer service reps re: the stock bend...

"I do not have the exact bend spec., but they are almost identical to the Carmichael bend that we currently have."

Hope that helps.

:thumbsup: thank you for your help. I think I will go with Henry´s taller bend


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