New Rings, which one goes on top?

My bike, a 93 XR600, was blowing oil out the crankcase breather pretty badly. I was expecting that the rings were worn out. When I took it apart, they sure were. The ring end gap was huge, like .150 or so. Much to my surprise, the bore and piston measured almost like new. Well within spec. A quick hone job on the cylinder and it's ready to put back together. Then I looked down in the crankcase and saw what driven second and third gear looked like. :thumbsup:

I ordered some new gears and Honda rings. However, the new rings look quite different than the old rings. One looks like chrome, but with some sort of tan coating. The other is black. :thumbsup: The third is, of course, the oil control ring. I'm guessing that the chrome one goes on top and the black one in the second slot. The manual is of little help, and I want to do it right. Anyone know which one is the top ring?

Chrome on top. Make sure that the T mark on the ring is facing up also.

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