Choosing handlebars

I am looking to replace the stock Renthal handlebars on my bike with a taller set and need advice on picking out the right set. I want to stay with the stock 7/8" diameter and from searching I see a lot of recommendations for the Pro Taper SE bars. I don't know what the stock handlebar measurements are, but I do see a marking that says Renthal Y 790. It feels like I have to lean way over the front of the bike to reach the bars when standing. I am 6'2" tall, do all woods riding with some narrow trails, and have intermediate skills. Do all handlebars universally fit Yamahas?

Try looking at the Renthal 'Jimmy Button' set of 'bars. They're probably one of the most popular bends of 'bars out there at the moment

CR Hi's are pretty popular too and are a bit higher then the stockers.

Pro-Taper 1 1/8th bars are virtually indestructable. The stock 7/8th butter bar renthals on the other hand will bend if you leave them out in the hot sun too long I swear.

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