Bomb proof 06' YZ 450

Suggestions on bulletproofing a 06 YZ450 MX and HS, some enduros

first things

756 front tire

98mm sag and fork height

works connection skid plate


Breather tube rerouting??

Type of oil you have good luck with

any maintenence problems

Please let me know what has been working

Trust me on this...............get a quality chain. The stocker stretches like a rubber band. That is my only complaint on the's that good!

My 04 chain streched so bad side to side that it would hit the knobs on the rear tire and rip them off.. stock sprocket sucks..get the Stealth Tri Metal..had it for 2 years and still looks brand new.

I forgot to say the chain for first things, I have that on order!! oops

Anything else for bulletproofing the bike?? :thumbsup:

works connection rad gaurds as soon as they are available! SB around mid march

Anybody have suggestions on plastic/frame protectors for the 06' 450

No need to protect the frame, it's polishable.

You really need to rejet the bike, 48 pilot and 170 main is suggested as basic jetting. If you are riding in cold conditions like I did yesterday (-10 Celsius) go even richer on main, I put 175. My fuel screw is at 1,75 turns out, sea level.

I think too many people overlook the importance of proper jetting, but choose to ride a bike that is time-bomb-dangerously lean.

Rerouting the breather tube is very simple and quick if you just put it thru the mudflap into the airbox. At least it won't suck water or sand if you tip the bike.

Regrease your steering, swingarm and linkage, they are almost dry from factory. Do it when the bike is new, just add grease. If you decide to do it later, it's much more work removing and cleaning the needle bearings and housings before greasing them.

Thanks for the info. Does anyone think the Boyesen Quickshot is worth the time on the 450. I use it on my 05' YZ 250F (for sale) with good results.

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