06 gearing

For those of you that went from stock (49) :thumbsup: to a 50 tooth rear sprocket how much low end pull did you gain. thanks alot.

I went 12-50. It is very lugable. I didnt even take it for a real ride with the stock gearing, I could tell just riding it in the parking lot I wasnt going to like it. So it is hard for me tell you how much I gained. I can tell you I like the feel of it alot better, and have no complaint with the set up I have.

I felt that it bridged the gap from 2nd to third much better. I now use third pretty much everywhere on a mx track and on occasion grab fourth for long straights.

It made for a little more pop coming out of corners in 3rd gear. I didn't notice any difference anywhere else yet.

Any concerns chewing-up the swing arm with a 12 in front? What did the 12/50 combo do to your top end speed?

I was thinking about going with a 14 - 50 so I did not have to shift so much.

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