Burly Man effects on suspension?

Yeah I bought my 03 wr450 from a beast of a man 320lbs. Can my suspension have been effected in a negative way from such extreme loads. I dont believe he was hittin triples or doubles for that matter. I am just getting intrested in my suspension and many ways to imrove it, and thought I should just ask.

Im 270-280ish and depending on how he rode it could have... I ride alot of sand-dunes w/ huge g-outs and some whoop sections that i love to hit... and my bushings are starting to get hammered... they need to be replaced.. It all depends on how he rode.. if it was just easy laid back trail riding then i wouldnt sweat it... but if he was hammerin on it thru the whoops or anything like that then better watch out..:thumbsup:

I think the suspension will be okay, but I bet your seat foam is trashed.

There is seat foam on these WR's?? :thumbsup:

My best friend tips in at 320, cant wait to tell him he is an 'Extreme load'. :thumbsup::bonk::bonk::bonk: Man oh man , I cant stop laughin now. Anyway, I am not thin myself, neither is my bro. We have been told we are not really hurting anything, but riding would be much better with proper suspension. I am getting mine dailed in on my YZ finally. :thumbsup:

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