Looking for Grafics Kit for a WR400

Looking for Graphics Kit for a WR400

I recently bought a 1999 WR 400 with a Factory FX graphics kit. The Kit on my bike is I believe from 2000-2001 and is missing many pieces. I have been looking for this kit for a few weeks but no luck. I started searching for any complete MX style kit for this bike I could not find one.

I hope someone can help me out.

Thank you


on all the pics i've seen of wr400's the tank graphics are missing and only left on the radiator shrouds.

i have been told by a vinyl sticker guy that the plastic is almost poreous and the fumes and vapour can effect the stickers and that is why they come off so often. I dont know whether or not this is model specific to the 400's but any sticker/graphics kit you get should be one with a perforated surface, hundreds of small holes, as to allow the plastic to' breathe'.

in my ususal tightarse fashion, i made my own using reflective vinyl

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v696/bluebike1999/DSC00163.jpg, but as i said the ones on the tank ended up blistered like the originals.

there are some good kits around, but as to how long they last, i dont know.

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