new 450f or

should i buy a new one or just keep my 04??? i was also kinda looking at the wr450.

go for the new one!!!

i need more convincing than that

Jeez, man - didn't you just get that thing about a month ago?

Jeez, man - didn't you just get that thing about a month ago?

no 2yrs and 1 month ago. on 1/24/04

well the 2006 WR still has the out dated steel frame so if you want a new WR wait till 2007 and see if they will have it plus I'm heiring rumor of a 2 wheel drived WR :thumbsup: but if you want a YZ just get an 06

The o6 yz450f is my first 450, but I have rode the 05' quite a few times, and the o6 feels alot lighter, it turns better, and the power feels alot smoother than the 05. The 5 speed gear box is a huge improvement over the four speed, I always felt like I was in the wrong gear on the 05'. The frame still looks new after break-in, and the yellow plastic too. I would say it is defiantly worth it, but the best thing to do would be to try and find someone that will let you test it out. :thumbsup:

who lives near ventura has one and will let me make a pass on 04 seams kinda jurky when just putting around. its like all or nothing. is the 06's that way??

I could putt around alot easer on my 250f than the 450, I stalled it a few times the first time I rode it putting around, but I think it was better that the 05 I rode, I managed to stall it(05) landing from a jump. Now how does that happen? (and I didn't hit the back break) :thumbsup:

my 04 use to stall all the time.i dont know if it was breaking in or i just learned the bike. very rare does it stall now.

wow you guys are lucky i never have owned a new bike and probably never will beacause that dam green sticker thing

whats wrong with the green sticker thing. its to fn hot to ride in the summer. thats when i pull out the boat and do some wakeboarding.

The new one makes the old 05 and older seem obsolete. They have a top-heavy feel that the 06 does not. You will have to make some mods for trail riding, skid plate and probably different rear tire. The gearing should be ok. If you can afford it, get the new one, life's too short not to have what really makes you feel good. :thumbsup:

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