forks are making noise

hi every one i am looking for advise, i just got my forks back from the shop, and they were real busy so i was not able to talk to the tech, when i got home i pulled the forks out of my truck and when i shake them they make a noise like the spring is rattling around inside the fork tubes. is this normal? i know that there are springs inside the tubes but i dont remember them rattling around before, the shop is closed right now so i cant talk to anyone about this at the shop till monday, and i need to ride this weekend. can anyone please help me?

thanks in advance for all the quick replys.


Go ride. They are fine

Go ride. They are fine

thanks for the advice, my wife thinks i am tripping,. i am sure they are fine but i just dont remember hearing the spring rattle inside the tubes, and i know nothing of the mechanics of the forks.


I have no way of knowing exactly the sound you are hearing, but my guess is that what you are hearing is normal because they will rattle a bit out of the bike if you shake them back and forth. Your mind always has a way of making little sounds sound like the world is coming to an end.

Put them on and forget about it.

glad to help

yeh i always tend blow everything out of proportion, i dont like other people working on my stuff, and when they do i critisize everything, my wife says im an ass, :bonk: i am installing forks right now and i will be riding this weekend, :thumbsup: I did notice that the upper fork tubes were switched,or the upper caps were switched, or some thing is different because i had my orv stickers on the inside of the tubes (behind number plate) now when i install the tubes into clamps and place my air bleed screws in the front(as per factory diagram) my orv stickers are now on the outside of the tubes. i am assuming the tech thought that was the way i ran my stickers, (on the outside of the tubes) i still havent quite figured out what was switched, or what is different, or if it matters. :thumbsup:


Doesn't matter. You can rotate the tubes. springs will rattle when not loaded with the bikes weight.

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