Have you ever...............

Looked up into your oil drain hole in the crankcase? I finished tapping the threads to install my heli-coil. (Because my dumb ass screwed up the threads) Then looked up into the hole with a flashlight. I noticed a notch cut out on the side toward the motor almost all of the way down. Is this to let the oil drain out better, or is my crankcase broken? Thanks again for your input.

I got the bike all put back together last night. Now it looks like it has a weeping leak at the drain plug. I wiped it off, then came back an hour latter and it a small amount off oil around the plug. Not enough to make a drip. But it is making me nervous. Should I put a small amount of silicone form a gasket on the plug when I do oil changes?

Does your drain plug have one of those brass washers? If so, replacing it may solve the problem you are now having. I haven't had mine out yet, so I have no idea. On my TTR I forgot to put the brass washer in and it seeped oil.

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