my new 426 what do ya think


what do you think

Very nice,I like it !!!

Is that the one industries kit, and did you buy a tank or go with the graphic's in the kit? Somebody was saying the Clarke tank was a good move when going yellow.

Look's good. :thumbsup:

Oh yeah, who'd you buy the kit from? How much?


Lookin Good :thumbsup:

Looks Great :thumbsup: I am waiting on my Hurricane Kit to arrive any day :thumbsup: Where did you get the yellow side number plates ?

sweet :thumbsup::thumbsup::bonk:

I put black fenders front and rear and also black front fork gaurds, it was just too much yellow I think it looks alo better black. I would also like to powder coat the frame black, get rid of the blue

Did you actually Amor-All the tires?

it was wet


Looks great! I agree with the frame getting powdercoated - that is what has kept me from going yellow. However, with the frame guards and the other stuff you did, the blue doesn't show up much at all. Good job.

:thumbsup: Yammer Hammer ! Be sure carry your health insurance card, it's going to scream ! :thumbsup:

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