XR650L High Compression Piston questions.

XR650L High Compression Piston questions.

OK I have a 2001 XR650L. I am using the bike as a Dual-Sport, as I have a good single track bike (xr400). I want to increase power but not at the expense of reliability. I Have made a number of engine mods to the bike, and have been very pleased (see below). So I now I am considering a high compression piston i.e. 10.5:1. I want more hp but want to keep the torque and power curve – low end verses high rpm. I am a good mechanic so the piston replacement (minus machine work) would be done by myself.

Is the mod worth the money and effort?

Even with my cooling mods will heat be a problem?

Will ride-ability be affected?

Which piston, The JE looks like a good choice.

Mods completed so far: Smog Off. Uni filter. Snorkel off. XR’s only competition pipe. Stock header with exhaust wrap. Mikuni 41mm Flatside. XR400 oil cooler. Stock cam. Clark 4.7 tank.


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