is this normal

when i leave the bike idling for a while it starts to spew some coolant. when i ride it its fine. ,if its normal why does it do this?

It's normal because at an idle the water pump is turning too slowly to be effective, and there is no air flowing over the radiators. The bike will boil in under two minutes in most cases.

The header also glows red, before you ask.

never seen the header get red.

it glows really bright at night and looks really cool

never seen the header get red.
Turn the lights out.

That's normal.You think that's bad;my buddy's CRF would dump about a cup of coolant within a couple of minutes. Go out and buy a heavier rated radiator cap,like a 1.6.

if you still have overheating problems, royal purple makes a product called purple ice for cooling systems and if works good in these bikes. It also helps with corrosion. temps in my bike dropped almost 20%.

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