XR600 swingarm pivot thrust bushing question

I'm servicing my swingarm bearings, and when I took it apart one of the thrust bushings was loose in the swingarm and fell out. It has like .001 clearance. The other side is an interference fit and doesn't just fall out. It's in tight. The loose side is on the chain side.

Do I have a problem here? The manual just says "remove thrust bushing" when it talks about replacing the pivot bearings. Is it supposed to be tight or loose. I'm guessing tight. Is the swingarm shot, or should I just do something so the loose bushing is tight in the swingarm?

It shouldn't be loose. I'd suggest some sleeve-fitting type locktite product, but try and find one that allows for future removal, unless you want that puppy in there forever.

If it stays loose, it will continue to work away at the swingarm until its dramatically loose, and then you'd have to get some welding done to build the area up, then re-machine the area.


Thanks for the response.

I ended up just deforming the hole a bit from the outside. I used a flat steel bar, placed it against the outside of the hole and hit it with a hammer to slightly flatten out the hole. Did it on three places equally spaced around. Pressed the bushing in and now it's held fast. The flattening on the outside is minimal, hopefully the dust seal will still seal.

I'll be keeping an eye on ebay, and I'll just pick up another swingarm. I'm sure that will be less $$$ than welding+maching.

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