throttle stop question

OK I should have measured when I had it off the bike, but I didn't so here's the ??

When I inspected the carb and rotated the throttle assembly all the way to the stop, the throttle slide was FULLY open. Does this mean that someone has already replaced the Throttle stop screw?

I'm the third owner, The last one didn't mention it, so I'm thinking the original owner maod the mod.

Any insight??

Yes, mod done...SC

Yeah. I just replaced mine and with the WR throttle stop the slide comes up less than half way.


You may want to check to see that they didn't remove it completely or cut it too short. There have been reports that the throttle can stick when at WOT if they did :thumbsup:

It's definitely still there. I was checking ot out to because I was gonna replace it, and when I actuated the throttle, watched the slide and it opened all of the way. My bike has always had good top end, and I've been wondering "how can this thing be ANY faster and be ridable" now it makes sense! :thumbsup:

Yeah you might want to make sure its the exact length. I have heard some pretty scary stories of that 450 gettin stuck wide open.

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