Need help--subframe

Just finished all of the mods as per the Yamaha AIS removal kit. I followed the directions in the kit, which tell you to remove the 3 subframe bolts and move the subframe back a bit. I don't think this was really necessary 'cause the airbox boot is pretty soft and flexible. That will teach me to follow directions. :thumbsup:

Anyway, now I'm trying to put everything back together and I can't get the hole lined up at the top of the subframe. I've checked carefully for interference and frankly, the spacing between the two arms of the subframe is just a bit to tight to slide over the frame.

I understand there should be a close tolerance here but this is ridiculous. What's the trick?? :thumbsup:

Put the two lower bolts in loosely and then pivot the subframe into place. You may have to spread the top rails a bit to make it slide into place.

Dan, thank you for the reply. I was trying it with the bottom bolts in very loose. Any suggestion on how to spread the top a bit?


The real problem was keeping the hole lined up and getting a good grip on the subframe to pull it up into place.

Solution: I tied a piece of rope around the top rear of the subframe to make a handle. Line up the holes with the one hand and a gave good pull up on the subframe with the other...

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