XR"L" Turn Signal Protection

After riding this thing enough, I came to the conclusion that it was going to fall down and being that I ride it to work everyday and in some real nasty rocks on the weekends, I decided to take alook at the turn signals, very flexible so far, and no breakage, but it was going to happen. A few weeks ago I built a rear rack for the bike and relocated the rear turn signals on it. This weekend, I cut the wires, exstended the pig tails and put in 2 prong connectors from radio shack. Then Replace the bolt with a quick release from a bicycle seat adjustment stem. Ordered 8 of them for less then $25 (have a buddy and we are doing his DR the same way) Now it takes about 1 minute to remove the turn signals from the rear. I run Moose hand guards (with bar) on the front, pulled front turn signal brackets off, loosed turn signals, rotated 180 in bracket, rotated bracket 180, this moves the turn signal back almost under the hand guard bar, still clears the tank at full lock by about 1/2". Had to have something to do today, so there it is. I will put pictures in the garage sometime this weekend. RearTurnQC.jpg


Good thinking/ingenuity/work, & clean install, too. :thumbsup:

You might be onto something there, GG. :thumbsup: Definitely like the QR aspect and eliminating the need for tools for removal. Those blinkers ain't cheap. :thumbsup: Nice job of utilizing non-standard attachment methods.

That is a sano well thought out modification. Awesome job :thumbsup:

Great idea! I never think to look at the "big boy" threads for ideas that could be applied to the 250/400s. I broke a rear signal mount not long ago and was wondering what to do with it. Thanks!

I fell over today just climbing a small burm (really slow speed) and screwing it up. Kind of embarassing really.

Broke the plastic lense cover and the bulb stopped working. Replaced the bulb and have the cover held on with electrical tape. Need to get some protection going if I'm going to ride this badly.

Note to self: Stop falling over and learn to ride. :thumbsup:

Yep, that will happen :thumbsup: The turn signal mod has been one of my most popular, so far. I have done 2 XRL's and 2 DRSE's, and we have been pretty bullet proof so far. :thumbsup:

Just wondering what kind of rack you went with,it looks as though you were able to use your toolbag.

Built my own rack, welder and torch and a couple of hours. The rack is painted with Krylon hammer finish, but it is made out of 304SS, Stainless is nice but it looks like crap if you don't keep it brushed or polished.

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