06 WR450 MODS & Problem


Just completed the free or practically free mods (bought a new main and pilot jet.) Started bike and the idle speed changed when the throttle was open/closed ...then it would just stall

What I learned: don't ASSume the gas the dealer uses is good or clean...the pilot jet was clogged :thumbsup: . Don't put a washer under the c-clip on the needle jet :thumbsup: Took out the washer, put in new fuel, blew out the jets and it pulls the front wheel up in every gear. Success!!!!!

ME TOOOOOOOO. I actually took mine back because of the warrenty and I was told by the mechanic, and I quote " I used to race and it is fine ". The pilot jet was clogged and I took the main/needle jet out with a half a turn with my fingers. I haven't done the mods yet. I'm waiting for Spring.

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