Key on 426 ???

Anyone ever put a key switch on a WR426? I am wanting a little more security for my WR while I ride DS. I was thinking about taking the key switch from my kid's TTR90. There are four wires on the switch so I am wondering what I would need to make it work. There is a brown, red, black and black/white. Any ideas how it could be used?

I put a 1970's DT250 key switch and speedometer on my WR400. You just use a multimeter to test what wires are continuous with the key switched on and that are also interrupted when its switched off. Then just tap into the main power wire coming out of the stator somewhere under the tank so its not easy to find.

I have seen keyed switches at most automotive stores that can be mounted on a flat sheet metal plate and be switched on with key removed so you can replace the kill switch with the keyed switch and mount it near the bars. Since the kill switch is just a ground you need to turn it off to run and on to complete the ground circuit. I first hooked the DT250 key up to the kill switch wires and it worked backward. With key in the on position bike don't run, key in the off position bike runs. Only problem is you can't pull the key out of the DT ignition switch when it's in the on position.

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