question about starter upgrade and pipe


I don't post much but I check the board almost everyday. I have searched for info on both of these subjects, but I cannot find anything.

I hope someone can shed some light fir me. I have an '03 WR and am planning to the starter upgrade. I read a great thread on how to do it, on this site.

My problem is I cannot find the parts anywhere close to what the thread showed for OEM parts. I have tried Ron Ayers and yamaha of troy.

Anyone know the cheapest place to get the right OEM parts?

Also, I am trying to find out about putting an procircuit pipe from a 436 on the 450. Does anyone know if the pipes will interchange?

Thanks for all the help,


Check here For pics and instructions for the upgrade complet with part #'s. You don't need to replace the case. There is a bushing that you can get for the original case. Part # for the bushing is listed.

Go here for parts. Great prices on OEM parts.



That's great info.


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