WR 400 Motor re-done but no power

I've got a '99 wr 400 that bent valves, so I had the motor done by a yamaha dealer in South Africa. Things done were: New inlet valves, valve seats re-cut, new valve-stem seals, new piston & rings, new con-rod, all bearing new on crank and 4th gear replaced. Problem now is that the bike has almost no power, and does not rev as high as before. Valve timing was set to YZ timing before valves bent but is back to WR timing on re-done motor. Carburettor was cleaned also. Can it be carburettor? Can it be wiring? Please help, i have not had a ride in 2 months because of this problem. Thanks in advance

So it ran good, blew up, dealer fixed it, but it doesn't have as much power. I think I would return it too the dealer ASAP.

The camshafts may be out of time. Definately take it back to the dealer they should warranty thier work.

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