Bent Front Rim - can I still ride it?

While I was putting my wheel back on, I noticed a decent dent in the rim. My Moab trip is soon and I am wondering if I can still ride on the wheel? Am I looking at a certain flat if I do?

Can it be fixed or do I have to get a new rim?

And I am 100% positive that the dealer put it there when they put my new tire on. Of course they are not going to admit this and I will argue with them about it on Tuesday. Then I will storm out huffing, puffing and yelling that they just lost a customer. This goes with my earlier post on moron dealers. I am going to have to suck it up and get my nuckles bloody and just do my own tires from now on.

As long as the tyre's bead can't pop off the rim Dougie, I think you'll be fine.

I have never tried to pop dents out of a rim, I wonder if the metal is too brittle...???

Man, they must be morons. I flated and rode my bike two miles back to the truck over rocky terrain and my rim is fine.

There is no doubt they now when and how your dent got there. Good luck and take no prisoners.......ain't got nothing to loose.

Oh and the last bike I had, had a huge dent in the rim and I never had any problems and now mike68's gal is riding it. You should be ok.



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That's the good thing about having two rim locks, keeps the bead in place when you get a flat and have to ride it a ways. It's amazing that the rim stays in good shape even over rocks. Doesn't even eat the tube unlike a rim without rimlocks where the tube gets pinched between the rim and bead.

Dougie, Run what you brung!! My front rim on my new bike is already toast. I can't really afford to keep replacing my front rims every few months so I'll just run them. I would be curious to see how good the new DID rims are. later

I pitted a team on a KX-500 in the Nevada 2000. We had bent rims, some pretty bad for the whole race (I believe the front was bent at mile 5). 1995 miles later, and 3 sets of bent rims, all was good. I did take a set to a bike shop next to the Reno Hilton, and he did get the dins out of that set with a press. The next day, bent again.

Ride it!!

BTW...if your ever in Reno NV, check out the bike shop next door to the Hilton, they are great people. They straightened our rims and mounted our tires for free, and it was a welcome break.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

I bent my front rim a little over a year ago. Hit a big rock I guess, all I know was that it gave me a flat. When I got home and dismounted the tire I beat on the rim with a 2lb hammer, no luck, still bent. So I just got a new tube and it has worked fine ever since. It still bothers me cause it's bent right at the name and I always seem to notice it when I am putting it in the truck, but I still ride on it with no problems.


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Court, Hilton Reno? I'll be there on Friday! (hopefully) :)

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