Did Barnums get cheaper?

I have been meaning to order an edelbrock carb for the beast but for awhile I coulda sworn the prices on Barnums webpage for over 400 bucks, but I really wanted to get one from him since he is the one that takes the time to help us all with tuning them, looked on the page today and they were listed at 395, has it always been this way? I went ahead and ordered one from him, hope it gets here soon so I can start playing with it. Any of you high altitude guys running an eddy? Preliminary research shows a 17E needle and about 12 clicks out from full rich as a starting point, lemme know if this jives with what you high altitude (greater than 5k) are running. Bike is uncorked with a drilled tip.

if you want me to, I'll ask Rob when I'm down there next week.

He's puting one on the Pig and tuning it for me while I'm there.

btw, the price they quoted me for a full blown Quicksliver rig was $395

edit: i kinda missed the part where you said you already ordered it :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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