K&N for a street 650R?

I have an '01 R converted to SM, with ProCircuit T4, Quicksilver pumper and Uni. I also just completed mods to the left side panel, adding the screened vents.

For street use is it worth me investing the 60 bucks necessary for a K&N? Seems the K&N would flow more air than the current Uni, but I am not sure.



Ride safe.

Hey there,

You might could get away with the K&N on the street. However, for the 650R, and the goofy airbox/airfilter fitment design I think your motor would still be better protected with the UNI (or other oiled foam filter) and greased edges. I've read about many people that tried a K&N and put a drop of grease inside the airbox. After a decent ride there was dirt/debris stuck in the grease. This was off road though. Finally, I know of alot of guys with 680cc big bores, cams etc. that use a UNI filter. I don't think you can get much more air than through a UNI without sacrificing engine life due to dirt in the intake.

Did you keep the stock backfire screen? If so, pry it apart and remove all but 1 of the screens. This will help move more air also, and is cheaper than buying the aftermarket high flow screens.

Just my $.02.

If it were my bike, I would be ok with running a K&N on a street only bike. In my experience, they tend to flow a little better but let in more crap in the process.

If you ride in dry, dusty conditions (even street riding can be a lil' dusty here in the desert) then I'd avoid the K&N. I ran one on my 400EX for years and the cylinder showed signs of sucking lots of dirt once I rebuilt it (for unrelated reasons). I use a UNI now.

If you don't frequently ride in dusty conditions, I believe a K&N offers good performance with adaquate filtration.

my $.02

Stick with the UNI, the K&N might flow marginally better, but it will also let in more crap.

Thanks guys, you convinced me to save my 60 bucks and stick with the Uni.

Snaggle, thanks for the tip on going down to one layer on the backfire screen.


Ride safe.

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