98 WR400 using the decompression cam

Does anyone know if the newer OEM Yamaha exhaust auto-decompression cam will work in a '98 WR400F, or do you need to buy the HotCam one to work......

yes '03 WR or YZ cam will work. Did it this weekend :thumbsup:

yes it will work .. i had it on my bike for thousands of miles n i still love it.. all u need is the exhaust cam from 03 wr or yz onwards. u might need to re-shim ur valves 0.1-0.2mm. good luck.. :thumbsup:


I picked up this 98 WR400 for dual sporting, and am looking to do some other mods and I see you have a 98, what are all the free mods that work on the 98's?

free mods for 98wr = disconnect grey n sky blue wire, remove the air-box lid, shorten throttle stop, de-octopuss acv, yz timing n de-restrict ur exhaust.

the oni free mods for me is juz the grey n blue wires coz i've upgraded my carb to a yz426 carb. i've installed yz ex cam n a conversion to a yz450f bodyworks. u can also do a DIY powerNow called AvNow.. cheers!

here's some pics of my bike..




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