Well, the WR 426 ran for the first time since the New Year today. Got about 25 miles on the new motor, gwtting the jetting squared away, and man, does it run strong!

Here's the recap on engine mods-

New crank, crank bearings, balance shaft bearings, primary drive gear, and balancer drive gear (the failure that caused the rebuild)

New oil pump

Hot Cams intake and exhaust cams

New stock valves, springs, retainers, seals and keepers

Porting and valve job by Eric Gorr

13.5:1 Wiseco forged piston (holy shit is it loud!)

JD jet kit (blue needle, 4th position, 170 main, and 45 pilot jet)

Tusk Clutch Kit w/HD springs

The rest of the mods are all the free mods, Twin Air filter, stock YZ pipe with Pro Moto Billet end cap, power now, and quickshot.

The power builds a whole lot quicker than stock, but there really isn't a big hit anywhere in the powerband. Just smooth and lots more of it!

Awesome, glad you got it back together.

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