Complete seat for '01 WR426F????

Does anyone have an idea where I can find a complete gripper seat for an '01 WR426F, preferably high. I've looked briefly and only finding covers and foam. YZ is easy, but I haven't found one for the WR. My existing seat frame is toast.



Go to and put in your bikes make/model/year, then look up body components. You'll see an SDG complete seat for around 89 bucks in tall or stock. I'm about to get one.


On Motosport I plugged in specs and got a message " no matches", but YZ seems not to be a problem. I'm not sure of the exact differences of YZ vs WR concerning the seat, maybe the're the same???

Thanks for you help.

I'm almost positive there is no difference. It'll fit.

They are not the same, the WR seat is shaped a bit differently as the tank is also a bit bigger.

Now would be a great time to look for a used tank and seat from a YZ of the same year, it is a great mod and makes the bike feel a bit smaller and narrower.

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