Clutch Help

Recently my clutch decided to not engage(2000 wr400f). I tried adjusting the cable with now luck. :thumbsup: Has anyone had any experience with this? Any help would be appreciated! :thumbsup:

So what's the story, it will or will not go into gear? What were the circumstances leading up to the problem? Did you have any previous indication that something was amiss?...SC

Your clutch basket may be so severly notched that the plates wont return to full separation when you pull in the clutch lever. Check to make sure your clutch arm moves about 1/2" at the cable connection when pulling in the cable. If the post pivots and the cable moves 1/2" you have a basket/plate issue. Most likely it is time for new baskets and plates. :thumbsup:

Well there wasnt any signs leading up to this. While running it wont shift unless you really jam it :bonk: While not running i can put it in to gear then pull the clutch in and it wont roll. I think it is time for a new clutch :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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