i am looking to trade my 73-75? tt-500 yamaha.i have been told it is a valiable is aluminum colored,fenders,gas tank,exc..

With black letters on the tank.also the oil circulates through the frame.what do yall think of the bike and how much do you think its trade-value is?

Sounds like a 75, so 31 years old and I remember those bikes as well as the guys and one girl who use to ride them. They all have Quads now

:thumbsup::thumbsup: Not worth much I would guess.

Sounds like a bike that might have a bit of interest among the collectors, if it is fairly complete. But its a pretty small market. The great thing about the internet age is now you can actually find the people that might be interested. Maybe try some research on sites like to see if there are any comparable bikes for sale.

If it is mint you might get 1000 to 2000 for it here.

Need to see a pic to tell for sure.

You will get very little on a trade at a dealer.

The TT-500 was perhaps the first modern 4-stroke dirt bike, in a sense, the father to our modern 4-stroke Yamahas. As I recall, it was a popular desert sled. Probably not worth that much, except there are probably some Yamaha collectors, or race bike collectors that might be interested if it's complete and might see if there is any interest on Ebay.

My uncle has one he bought new in '78 (I think). That bike has been everywhere from the LA freeways to the remote mountains of Montana. He takes it with his motorhome. Man that has been one awesome bike. He still ride the hell out of that thing. I dont think they are worth a ton, but they are a nice old bike anyways.

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