Help SE Virginia, NE North Carolina

I had a 2004 YZ 450 in the cycle trader and a guy came by to inspect tonight started it up and drove off. He duped me by saying his girl friend ran up the street to get some gas. He was wearing a FOX sweat shirt and seemed to know alot about mx bikes and spoke of BMX. He claimed to have a sore wrist. He had distinctive side burns that came out to point in the upper portion of his face and then had a extended gotee on the chin line. He was about 5'9", white, wore a brown snowbaord type hat. I know this guy has been seen around the mx scene. If you have a clue on this person or see a very nice 2004 YZ 450 with new NCY graphics please give me a call 757-575-2123. Thank You!

Karma will nail him!!!!!!! Do you have insurance??

I hope so and SOL.

That really sucks dude. I feel for ya. Sounds like they have done that before. Their names weren't Bonnie and Clyde by any chance???

Stolen bikes seems to be big business. They get stolen up here all the time.

I hope that Karma kicks the crap out of them.

You know that they use to hang people for steeling horses in the old days. Maybe there is something to that.


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