Boyesen Quickshot on the 450??

what exactly did you gain, the problem i can't seem to get rid of is in the upper rpms getting on/off the gas abruptly there is a slight hesatation ( not bad but annoying) i know it has something to do with the accel pump because i can almost adjust it out with the screw but its always there a little. jetting is as good as its gonna get,and i've tried each side of the spectrum of each circuit. i think maybe the quickshot might be giving the squirt more pressure because i have to slow the start time significantly more than the book reccomends :thumbsup: i'll definately try this wire trick as its easy enough to do and reverse if it doesn't do it :thumbsup:

Throttle response was what I gained, you don't have to rely on the spring to push the fuel in, Someone told me that Yamaha of Troy does that to their race bikes.

One thing is for sure If you don't see any result you can remove it.

yea I'm having the same problem with random stalling for no reason, it's almost enough to make me regret getting this 06 and wanna go back to my 250 2 stroke. If this product would help with this problem then I'd be all over it, anyone know?

turn up your idle until you get used to it.......... :thumbsup:

I put one on last nite. I am going to the track tomorrow. We shall see.

Tried it out Sunday. The off idle responsive is very noticeable. With a 170 main, 48 pilot, the quickshot and then fine tuning with my zip ty fuel screw I just don't see how it could get any better.

I am now going to toggle over to the nutrition/exercise and riding tech forums. I know what can get better and it is not the bike!

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