insurance for bikes

just wondering what kind of insurance you guys have on your bikes, if you even have insurance on them. I just paid $109.00 for 12 months on mainly for theft on my 426, i got some more things along with it too in case I hurt someone else while riding.

Who's it with?? I used to have theft/fire coverage when I lived in Florida. It was about $17 a year (I think...), but I couldn't get that here in Texas.

State Farm. $175/year for theft with a $250 ded. for collision. Do a search for more info. in this forum.

I have Allstate for insurance for my new bike. I insured it for $8,000 with a $1,000 worth of med pay in case I case a jump. It will also cover damage done to my bike if I wreck it. I think it will cost me about $300 a year, but worth it.

I've got basic liability through Progressive, $150/year.

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