Best Place for Swingarm/Linkage Bearings

What do you guys think is the best way to get these bearings? Order serperately from Yamaha or oem TT ( ~$110) or are there kits that would be cheaper. It just seems kinda pricey for just the swingarm/linkage bearings. THanks, D :thumbsup:

Check prices from CBR Bearing Co. They usually have a small ad in the back of Dirt Rider. I have bought wheel bearings, head bearings, and swing arm bearings from them. Competetive prices, good service.

I got some pivot works still in the rapper off e-bay for 10 bucks.

Whatever you do DO NOT buy the Moose kits.

They totaly suck, I got them for the swingarm and linkage for my 2001 and they are like butter, I ended up buying the OEM stuff after 2 of the linkage bearings crushed while installing them.

Plus the thrust bearings they supply for the swingarm are bushings rather than roller bearings.

Just steer clear of the Moose stuff.

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