02 426 price

got a 02 426 low hours, original owner, just about all stock, what do you guys think it is worth?,thanks

bought my 02 for 2400 bucks, mostly stock but very clean, well kept and worth every penny to me. some say check KBB but it all comes down to whats it worth to you. by the way these bikes are AWESOME!!!!!!

I got mine for 3200 last January here in Texas. Prices vary from region to region. I suggest getting a Cycle Trader in your area and look at comparitive prices. That's your best bet.

I gave $5436 OTD for mine (2002 model).............................in December of 2001. I hope its still worth half of what I gave for it.

I would say about 3300 maybe 3500

I paid 2800 for my 02 and it had an alum skidplate, aftermarket top clamp and pro taper bars.

I paid $3k for my '02 in Sept of '04. Last week I just picked up an '01 for $2400. The newer bike's only mods were a Scotts damper and Racetech springs. The older bike was stock.

I'd have a third one if I could, these are the best all around dirtbikes ever made IMO. :thumbsup:

Yo Kizzle... I think I speak for many of us when I say let's see more / bigger photos of the GF!


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