Will a 426 pipe or on an 03 wr

I have searched trying to answer this question but now I think I more confused.

I looked in the dealer catolgue and some show the 426 and the 450 together, On the other hand. it shows that thea are different.

CAN anyone tell me as to weather I can used a pipe fron a 426 on a wr50.

Thanks ,


I just bought a 2005 wr450 and I tried to put my DR.D exhaust off of my 2000 yz426 on it and it didn't fit. The subframe aft mount is about 1/2" too far back. I also tried my skidplate, and sharkfin and they didn't work. I got the radiator guards (devol) to work but the front fender would slightly scrape them while turning. There's just little subtle differences on these bikes after 2003 or before 2003.

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