xr600rj magneto wires

i got this bike from my brother when he moved away. it was in need of repair and some of the parts were missing. there are 3 wires coming from the magneto. red/black, yellow and red. the red/black wire goes to the CDI. can anyone tell me where the yellow and the red wires go. is there supposed to be a regulator or something? do i need to hook up the red and yellow wires if i don't have lights on the bike? any help would be good. thanks.


Presumably the yellow and red wires are from your lighting coil. Start your bike and check for voltage between the two. If you are NOT running lights then no, just don't hook them up. Keep them separate and tape them off.

If you do want to add lights you will need a standard AC regulator, which came on the bike stock, if it's still there or not. Good luck.

thanks mate, will check it out.

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