650l rear fender

hey guys what fenders will fit on the back of the L that look more like motocross fenders? Im sure there will be some trimming!

Maier makes the fender your looking for.

cool thanks!

Maier's fenders are not motocross style. Granted the don't look as bad as the stock, but they still have the curve. Cemoto makes one as well that is also "MX Style," but again, is not exactly like the ones on the 650R or CRF's.

I'm also interested in this question...does anyone have any input on this subject? I'd like a straight clean line rear fender....I'm a pretty good fabricator, so i can make just about anything work, but what i dont know is what kind of bike / year / etc that'll look the best with the L... any help?

I too am thinking about putting a rear moto oriented fender on my L. I did some preliminary measuring on my CRF and it looks like it might work. I think I am going to get one and see how it goes. If it won't work, I can still use it on my CRF LOL :thumbsup: Maybe an under the fender LED light to go with it from Baja Designs or something similar. :thumbsup: You can get an idea from the Aloop website what an L looks like with a moto rear fender, but the rest of the body work has also been changed.

I have a maier fender on my 05 650l with a baja designs LED tailight mounted under the fender.

Will the rearfender from a CRF work?

I also want a different rear fender to complete my bikes "transformation".

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