04 450f question

Hey all - my 450f runs like a lightswitch, it's either on or off. I was thinking of putting a heavier flywheel on it and was wondering what kind i should get? I know yamaha and trailtech make flywheels for this application and wanted to see what u all prefer. any suggestions? I was also wondering what kind of exhaust everyone likes to run and please give details as to how the exhaust effected the powerband of the bike. thanks!

I havn't tried the flywheel solution yet but I did slip on a DEP exhaust system (the torque model with extra long header) & a 47 rear sprocket which smoothed things out a bit. She still goes hard but the power pulls right off the bottom & will pull a high gear. I spend a lot of time in 3rd :thumbsup:

I ran a trailtech flywheel on my 99 yz400f and loved it. Some Yakazz decided that he needed the bike more than me though :bonk::bonk: He better hope I never catch him on it :bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hope this helps.


Check out Dr. D (doug dubach) flywheels. You have to send your flywheel in, but they have diff. wgt. flywheels available you trade them back in untill you get the one you like for your situation.

Actually, you don't have to send your flywheel in, at least not immediately. You can front the core charge on a credit card, have them ship the new one to you, and Dubach will reverse the charge once they receive yours. I use the 8oz on my '03, and I see absolutely no downside whatever to it. It has improved the rideability of the bike tremendously without handicapping it at all.

The '04 is a little less aggressive, so you may be happier with the 6oz. The really cool thing about the Dr.D is that you can exchange for a different weight at any time for no more than the shipping charges, so there's very little risk in picking the wrong one.

hey thanks! i'll be looking into dr d~

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