front wheel

My front wheel on mw wr426 has been binding from day one. When you spin it by hand it only goes around a couple of times. I took every thing apart, put new grease in and torqued to specs.If I dont torque the axel nut all the way everything spins freely.It is like the inner spacer is to small and your pulling the bearings to tight together before it touches the inner spacer. The front brake drags also slighty. Is this normal or is something worng? Any help would be great.

Stevo, I dont tighten my front axle very much, just enough to get the nut to center the axle then I tighten the pinch bolts down pretty snug. Im sure that you already knew that but I just thought I would remind you. Is your speedo pickup working properly? How about the spacers? Are they in correctly?

My wheel spins really well and so should yours. I can't think of anything else but I think of something else I'll get back to you. Good luck...

Those stock front wheel bearings are a giant pain in the *&^ to get the right amount of grease in. Buy a can of (spray) white lithium grease (Water resistent) use the spay tube to blow as much in as you can get. Then take the axle and work both sides of the bearings until they spin freely. just packing grease in their by hand will not get enough inside to completely lubricate the bearings. After filling the cavity with the spray, I then hand pack as much solid lithium grease as I can. :)

Good Luck..

Bonzai :D

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