Ajusting Stock Handle Bars

I am 6'5", and the stock bar placement just isn't working for me. I plan on getting an adjustable upper triple clamp & some CR Hi-bend bars, but that will have to wait untill I can get the funds.

For the time-being I have loosened the bar clamps and rotated the stock bars so the main tube is almost completely vertical. I tightened 'em back up and they feel awesome! I can now stand on my bike without feeling like I am gonna fall over the front.

My question now is.. is this a bad idea? Does there need to be a certain slope-angle of the bars? It looks pretty extreme. Maybe I'll take a picture tonight and post it.

I am a rookie rider, and the new positioning makes a huge difference for me.

Oh, I ride an '04 450.


No danger that I know of, if you like the position of the bars go with it. When you get ready for a new upper triple clamp call the guys at BRP, http://brpit.com/ .

The only problem with that is more of a personal preference. Now that the bars are rotated forward, the grip angle is higher towards the end of the bars, which can put alot of stress on the outside of your palms. For everyday trail riding that might not be a big deal, but for a track with a lot of braking bumps it will beat up the outside of your palms and to me is flat out painful. I like my bars set at "zero". If you like the high and forward position, get a bar with less sweep and more rise instead of the rotating trick. But thats just what I would do. Don't take my advise as the gospel.

Great, Thanks for the input guys. I'm gonna give this a try this weekend and see how it works out on a long run. I can actually stand up now and still have good position for reaching the levers, and distribute my weight over the bike evenly.

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