Xr650l were do I start

Xr650l were do I start

I'm just wondering what I can do to improve my suspension on my 02 650L I'm 6'3" 230lbs The current setup is bone stock including the fork oil What should I do with out spending alot of money .I drive the bike about 50/50 on off road. I try to ride pretty hard. at least as hard as the bike will allow me.THe type of trail riding varies from wide open fire road to tight singal track with lots of roots and rock. What do I do .

You can start by dropping about 60 lbs.!!! Nah, just foolin you bro. Try swapping out your fork oil to a heavier weight then dial in the the rear......Anything after that may be expensive, depending on how deep your pockets are. :thumbsup:

Stock fork oil is 5wt. Transmission fluid is usually 7wt and much cheaper than fork oil. I have 10wt in mine and it is pretty stiff but I am somewhat lighter than you. Oil height will also affect dampning. Make sure the forks are fully compressed when checking oil height. This can't be done while still on the bike. Set the sag out back to 95mm, (I think that's a good number), and go from there.

turning up the clickers and heavier fork oil is all you can do for free ... dont expect much improvement ... like me, you need stiffer fork springs and rear spring ... I also weigh 225#, and the spring charts indicate I would need the heaviest springs on the list ... dont remember the spring rates, but you see where Im going with this .. we're talking about $180-$200 for springs, we can get by just fine without the valve re-working ... after all, if you're gonna go crazy with the mods, you have the wrong bike .. :thumbsup:

Thanks fellow TTrs I'll start with the fork oil and go from there.

All good advice. Just my .02..................I clicked mine to almost max stiffness and added a little air (within factory limits). Works for me but then I'm not a real agressive rider. Personally I think it's pleanty firm. After reading this info I may take a look at a slightly heavier oil too.

Thanks all for the advice.

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